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How to write a CV

If you want to know how to write your CV yourself, remember that recruiters are positively inundated with applications for every job they advertise. So keep your CV short; it's generally recommended to keep it to a single side of A4 paper. The purpose of a CV is not to provide your life history in miniscule detail, but rather to offer relevant highlights and persuade employers that you're worth considering for the role.


Once they've concluded that you've got potential, you will then be called for interview - and that's your chance to persuade them that you're the one for the job. So you should edit any irrelevant information out of your CV, and leave only a brief summary of each job you've had. Cut out jobs you had years ago, and information about hobbies that have nothing to do with the job you're applying for. And be sure that you've read each application thoroughly; you should alter your CV slightly every time so that it's relevant to the job.


However, one of the best CV writing tips is not to attempt it yourself! It's rather risky and could easily lead to your CV being ruled out, even though you're actually well suited to the job. Poor presentation or the failure to convey important information could ruin your chances of being considered for an interview.

Obtaining a professionally-written CV could make all the difference, so it's truly worth making that small investment. You'll find that it's really paid off when you get offered an interview - and even more so, when you start receiving job offers. Let your competition lose out, because they've chosen to go it alone and send in a self-made CV - their loss can be your gain.

It's wise to order CV writing

Anyone who's ordered a CV from us knows just how important it is to invest in a decent CV. Our CV writing service is handled by professional writers who understand the needs of our customers. When they receive your information, they think hard about how to present it in the best light, and rewrite it so that you sound like an impressive candidate.


With all the experience that they've built up over their writing career, our writers can instinctively arrive at the best way to enhance your work history and present you as someone the employer wants to talk to. If you really want that job, you need to do everything in your power to make yourself stand out among a sea of applicants - and with our help, that's exactly what you'll do.


Good CV writing doesn't come easily to most people, and that's fair enough. After all, you're not applying to be a CV writer! But when a writer wants to work with us, we are careful to select only the best. Our team needs to be well-qualified and have ample experience in creating professional CVs. So when someone asks us to write a CV for them, we will only hand it over to a writer who is truly professional in every sense.


They must be dedicated to producing impeccable work every time. This guarantees that you'll receive an amazing CV that you - and even more importantly, employers - will love. You want that job, and we want to help you get it. So ask us for help with your CV, and let us get to work. And when you receive that letter with a job offer, let us know about your success - we want to share your joy!

Jul 16th 2014 3:37 pm